About Us

Kyros Expert Services is a multi-dimensional and a multi-tasked company established in 2018 and has been registered and recognized under the laws of Ghana. Kyros Expert Services administer a number of services such as interior and exterior painting, interior deco/design, Fumigation and Pest Control and Plaster of Paris (P.O.P)

Our Service

At KYROS, the delivery of our services is not done through “a one size fit all” approach. Each delivery is carried-out through a carefully designed approach with the particular service location and client in mind. Our services include;

We offer both interior and exterior painting.

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Fumigation and Pest Control:

We handle Fumigation and Pest Control of home, Office, companies,

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Interior Decoration/Design:

We are experts in home/office interior decoration and design

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Fumigation & Pest Control

It is the ultimate in pest elimination services.

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Plaster of Paris (POP):

Our experts in the field of P.O.P go the extra mile

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